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TCK Dichotomies, Klugscheissing and the Future of Green Entrepreneurship with Daniel Hires

May 10, 2021
Based in Barcelona after a decade-long stint in Berlin, activist, social entrepreneur, innovation catalyst Daniel Hires was a three-month-old baby when he was adopted from South Korea before he went on to be raised between the US and Germany by his German mother and American father.
A family man today himself, his vision is '..a future of humanity in balance with nature and life on Earth'.
Coach and advisor to social enterprises and co-author on project kickstarting publications, Daniel's work is the intersection of social innovation, technology, business strategy, and human-centered design.
His passion facilitates interactive workshops and authentic relationships within communities, innovative leadership practices, and economic transformation.
We catch up for the first time post-pandemic to exchange notes as fellow TCK's, nomads, and the blurred lines between critical thinking and Klugscheissing. And reminisce on how we finally managed to meet in person in Lisbon on one of the craziest evenings of our lives after almost 5 years of exclusively online correspondence. 
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