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F for ‘Fusion’, Growing Up In the Gharana, and a Brief History of Indian Classical Music with Pratik Shrivastava

May 20, 2021
At home on stage in India and around the world since pre-adolescence, multiple national-award winner Pratik Shrivastava is a rare representative of Indian musicians whose rootedness in the tradition of Indian Classical Music blends seamlessly with innovation authentically relevant to a global South-Asian lens.
Initiated into the art of playing the Sarod by grandfather Pandit Rabi Chakraborty, of the “Maihar Gharana”, he was mentored his uncle Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty. Under the observant and nurturing eye of his mother, eminent sitarist Rina Shrivastava, who decided to move the family to Kolkata from Hyderabad for Pratik's music Education in the earlier years.
We catch up in Kolkata briefly before his move to Mumbai to exchange notes on the complex nature of the genre 'Fusion', his journey to an alternative around its murkiness, music education, and the time we met at 3 in the morning for one of the most enjoyable studio-sessions of my life.
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