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Pop Stardom, Bombay, Berklee, and 20 Years In Music Business with Vasuda Sharma

July 26, 2021
Where others would be happy resting on the wreath of pop stardom at 18, Singer-Songwriter/Composer Vasuda Sharma decided to accept a scholarship to Berklee instead.
Following which she went on to crowdfund an international, large-ensemble, live debut album in Boston. Before she returned to Mumbai, where she went on to establish herself as one of India's first solo electronic acts, produce a Bollywood soundtrack, and make it to Rolling Stone magazine's cover as one of the country's pioneering women in Independent music.
All the while working on a game plan for a long-term, sustainable career as a full-time artist navigating the ever-changing patterns of one of the world's largest music industries.
In this long-form conversation, I catch up with my friend and collaborator on a frank discussion on the journey that's been, the fleeting era of the Indian Independent Renaissance, and how music continues to be her most preferred form of therapy.

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