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Frankfurt, Boston, Classical vs Jazz and Understanding Communication Skills with Benno Sattler

July 2, 2021

With an international touring career that spans 3 continents and 19 countries and a list of collaborators which leaves no room for skepticism over his expertise, Frankfurt-based Benno Sattler has been a strikingly positive musical force in Germany's first World-Metropolitan in the past decade and more.

Behind the morpher of machinesque dexterity and warm organic beats though, lies the mind of an introspective, acutely observant, and intelligent human being who builds quirky, portable drum-kits and rides a bicycle passionately in his spare time.

In our first catch-up since the Pandemic, we talk about the dualities of straddling musical worlds, the struggle it is to shed baggage and transform mindsets, and the disparities that still crop up in this day and age between institutionalized education and ground realities of a musicians life.

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Connect with Benno:

  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/bennosattler
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bennosattler/
  • Coaching: http://www.videodrumlessons.tv

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