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Spearheading Nepal’s Jazz-Scene, Imposter Syndrome and Balancing European and South-Asian Work Ethics with Abhisek Bhadra

July 13, 2021

Kathmandu-bred composer/arranger Abhisek Bhadra left a budding career in what has been looked upon as Central Europe's capital for 'World Music', Rotterdam, to return to Nepal where the call of the heart led him to lead the very Conservatory of Music his musical journey began in. 

This conversation traces back that journey to its earliest phase as a keyboardist grappling with 10hr plus electricity-cuts, imposter syndrome, visa battles to the European sensibilities and work ethic that challenged him on multiple levels even while resulting in immense growth as an artist, as he gently contemplates the future of Nepalese Jazz Education in the post-pandemic era.


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